Mike 2.0 base unit


The Mike 2.0 base unit serves as a platform for performing compression and mounting the electronic package (Sensor and interface) as well as a plate with anatomical landmarks for CPR. Composed of high- density foam to mimic the feel and elastic properties of the human body, the Mike 2.0 base unit provides a realistic resistance of the human body, when performing compressions for CPR.


The Mike base unit is designed to be a silhouette of the human form, so that it is with-out any un-intended adverse psychological reactions. Mike is simple to assemble, with only two parts, torso and head unit. The electronic package for Mike attaches to the unit exterior surface for ease of installation and replacement.


The Mike base unit is light and can be used by individuals from age 5 years to 70 years. The compact size makes the Mike 2.0 base unit suitable for use in adult and child training.