Mike 2.0 Training and Education Station


Mike 2.0 Training and Education Station

The Mike 2.0 training station incorporates the latest features of current CPR best practices, and new concepts envisioned by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) and The American Heart Association, the original founding member of ILCOR. Mike departs from traditional CPR models in several important ways. Instead of shells, sometimes re-enforced with spring loaded devices, Mike employs a high- density foam model to duplicate, as close as possible, the actual feel, rigidity and de-compression response of the human body. Mike is simple to assemble, with only two parts, torso and head unit. The electronic package for Mike attaches to the unit exterior for ease of replacement. Critical landmarks are designated on the torso.



A fully equipped Mike station (with CPR MIRROR APP, Pressure Sensor, and optional Samsung Galaxy Tablet A)is the most advanced, and sophisticated training and education station to be found in the world today. Mike 2.0brings not just the latest technology to training, but provides movement toward a method of recording CPR training an providing qualitative analysis of each phase of CPR. Working through an external sensor and interfaces through blue tooth connection to an Android phone or tablet. Utilizing CTCs CPR Mirror APP the Mike station can show;


1. The compression force in pounds or Kilograms for each compression in an easy to read on screen graph


2. The number of compressions per second in a graph measured in seconds


3. Shows if the decompression returns to zero with each cycle of compression


4. The rate of rescue breaths measured in seconds in a separate onscreen graph


5. The input force of each breath measured in millibars or KPa


6. Recording of each persons CPR compression/decompression and rescue breathing for later review or archiving


7. Remote viewing of the screen


8. Designed for Android mobile systems for ease of use


9. APP automatically seeks and will pair with an Android mobile device on which the APP is loaded when the interface is activated


10. Can be connected wirelessly (using a third-party software, Air Droid) to Smart TV or Projector for classroom instruction.


11. Recorded material can be shared with anyone through the internet.


12. Can read up to two sensor inputs at a time and display on screen (Pressure, Temperature, and Air Pressure)


13. Using Android tablet lets users not only record CPR and respiration, but tablet can be used to record video of training session for later review.


14. Using Android tablet allows users to develop new scenarios that can be loaded on the tablet and used seamlessly during training


15. Designed to emphasize team approach (each training station using mirror can accommodated a group of four individuals.)



Mike is the cutting edge in CPR, and First Aid training.

CPR MIRROR APP is free to download after purchase of interface

Mike 2.0 operating and setup document



Part Number none
Number of Items 1
Brand Name Arthur Jackson CTC Inc
Color Gray
EAN 0860160001909
Height 4.0 inches
Length 23.0 inches
Material Plastic
Readout Accuracy 0.5 grams-grams
Size one size
UNSPSC Code 41000000
UPC 860160001909
Width 13.5 inches


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