CPR Mirror is CTC’s proprietary APP, designed to provide the most advance, real time feedback to students, and professionals. Mirror works through an external sensor and interfaces through blue tooth connection to an Android phone or tablet. Mirror shows;


1. The compression force in pounds or Kilograms for each compression in an easy to read on screen graph


2. The number of compressions per second in a graph measured in seconds


3. Shows if the decompression returns to zero with each cycle of compression


4. The rate of rescue breaths measured in seconds in a separate onscreen graph


5. The input force of each breath in measured in millibars or KPa


6. Recording of each persons CPR compression/decompression and rescue breathing for later review or archiving


7. Remote viewing of the screen


8. Designed for Android mobile systems for ease of use


9. APP automatically seeks and will pair with an Android mobile device on which the APP is loaded when the interface is activated


10. Can be connected wirelessly (using a third-partysoftware, Air Droid) to Smart TV or Projector for classroom instruction.


11. Recorded material can be shared with anyone through the internet.


12. Can read up to two sensor inputs at a time and display on screen (Pressure, Temperature, and Air Pressure)


13. Using Android tablet lets users not only record CPR and respiration, but tablet can be used to record video of training session for later review.


14. Using Android tablet allows users to develop new scenarios that can be loaded on the tablet and used seamlessly during training


15. Designed to emphasize team approach (each training station using mirror can accommodated a group of four individuals.)


CPR Mirror interface;

Mirror uses an FCC approved blue tooth interface (micro controller) to connect an external sensor to the Mirror APP. The microcontroller unit, ONLY WORKS WITH ANDROID MOBILE DEVICES. The sensor is a Tekscan’sA502 sensor, supplied with mounting hardware.


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Pressure sensor

CPR MIRROR uses Tekscan’s flex force sensor the A502 to measure compression force. A502 sensors are square standard sensors with a 2-pin male connector. They have a force range capable of measuring loads up to 44,482 N (10,000 lb).

The sensor is used with CPR MIRROR to provide real time feedback of actual compression force in pounds, and decompression force returning to zero in a range of 0 to 150 pounds of force.

CPR MIRROR Interface

CPR MIRROR is initially using an interface marketed by Myriad Sensors of California under it’s “Pocket Lab” educational sensors umbrella.

The interface is sophisticated enough for use by a professional engineer, yet simple enough for a 4th grade student use. The interface allows CPR MIRROR to interface with mobile android systems, such as Samsung phones and tablets, to display collected data, and transmit data by blue tooth or through the internet. The interface provides;

• Connection by wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Connection
• Measures compression and decompression pressure in pounds, and air pressure in millibars or kilopascals.
• Compatible with most smartphones, and tablets. (CPR MIRROR is optimized for Samsung systems.)
• Internet access to information


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