CTC is a leading provider of onsite and on line training in Diversity, Social Structure, and Health and Safety around the globe. Traing in most of our classes is provided free, to help those individuals that cannot afford to pay for these vital classes. Currently we provide online training through our own company online school at, or through the several other outlets.

CTC provides online services to over one hundred fifty seven (157) countries around the globe, serving 19000 students to date. Whether you are using our on site, or online training you can be assured you are receiving the best training available. All our Health and Safety classes are compliant with the latest ILCOR international standards, and American Heart Association standards.

Our classes are designed to fit the busy life style of today’s modern workers. Lectures are crisp, concise, and accurate. Our instructors are among industry leaders.

Classes can be tailored to fit the need of any organization or governmental unit.

If you do not see the class you need, call us to discuss development of a custom class for your particular needs. See our online school for a complete list of classes. All classes are are free. School site is:

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First Aid

A guide to first aid for the common man. Covers sudden illness, wounds, burns, bone injuries and more

Arthur Jackson


Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

The mechanics of CPR and explanations of why each step is necessary

Arthur Jackson


Introduction to Emergencies for Lay Responders

A guide for Lay Responders in how to approach the scene of an Emergency

Arthur Jackson


Disease Transmission Control for the Lay Person

How to prevent the spread of disease in an emergency

Arthur Jackson


Disaster Planning

A how to guide for family and individual emergency planning

Arthur Jackson


First Aid for Remote and Rural Locations

Wilderness First Aid for those who enjoy the remote areas, or choose to live in rural and remote

Arthur Jackson


RESILIENCE: Returning to normal after an emergency

Handling what happens after a disaster

Arthur Jackson


The Emergency Medical System

How the Emergency Medical System works and the key groups in the system

Arthur Jackson


Food Energy Water: Foundation systems of Modern Society

The systems that enable modern society to survive

Arthur Jackson


Banter: Secondary systems that steer society

Business, Art, Nations, Technology, Education, Religion: The steer forces of human society

Arthur Jackson


Climate and catastrophe and war

What can cause society to change suddenly

Arthur Jackson


Chaos Complexity and Emergence

The factors that create systems

Arthur Jackson


Inequality in the modern world

Why difference and not inequality is important

Arthur Jackson


Update on evolving Techniques in First Aid

What’s new in the field of first aid treatment of wounds, burns, and sprains

Arthur Jackson


Migration in Human History

This course covers significant periods of human migration in history.

Arthur Jackson